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the first beach day.

It has been months. I mean months since you have been on the glorious beach. But today is the day. It's the beginning of May, and the sun has decided to give you a sneak peek at what's to come in the summer months. You pull up into the empty parking lot, and step out onto the asphalt. A brisk ocean breeze hits your exposed skin, which has been comfortably hidden under jeans and sweaters all winter long. But this feels good. It is waking you up. You can feel the life seeping back into your hibernating veins. You get the kids out of the car, and grab the cooler and towels and you throw everything into the oversized bike stroller(which doubles as the beach cart). You begin walking toward the dunes where, just on the other side, lies the big, blue, beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

Your reach the sand, and the kids are running now, as fast as they can to get to the top of the dune. The wind has picked up, and you can actually feel the sea-salt hitting your face. You have arrived. And at this very moment, life is just the way it should be.

I came across these images today while working on my website, and I was reminded of what a special day this was. So I had to share. AND, the fact that I am in some of them(thanks to my lovely and talented husband) was a plus.


Josephine: the urban gardener

This is my Josephine. She is a firecracker. She is determined. She is strong and brave and one of the most loving little souls I have ever known. I sometimes can't believe she is my baby, that I was so lucky to have been given this little spirit. Every day she, and her big sister, teach me something new about love, forgiveness, the importance of dreams, and the importance of appreciating this life. This is not a dress-rehearsal. This is it. And it is beautiful. xo IMGP5059 copyIMGP5065 copyIMGP5066 copyIMGP5069 copyIMGP5074 copyIMGP5088IMGP5108

know when to let go of the wheel.. (and when to take it back, of course;)

I am taking a 4 week online photography course through the DEFINE school called Life+Light with Kellie Hatcher. The class started the week of our wedding, which was kind of crazy. And then, two days before our wedding I fell sick with a laryngitis turned bronchitis thing, which I am still recovering from. And Mathieu has been away all week on business, so I have been single Mom for most of the week. I started thinking that perhaps it was terrible timing to be taking a class, but over the last few days I have found myself saying f#%* it and just letting go of the ship a bit so I can find some time to work on my light metering(our 2nd week lesson). These were taken in the midst of a cat food-throwing party. I mean, the girls had the whole bowl of food tossed all over the kitchen floor. But I didn't say a word, and I just kept shooting and changing my exposure and practicing, and practicing. My point being, sometimes, it's ok to let responsibility wait. Sometimes, the only way we can actually get the time we deserve to do the things we love to do is by letting go of the things we 'should' be doing. And sometimes, these are the moments we remember the most.. because they are the most free. I thoroughly enjoyed watching my girls(and Mystic the cat) go bonkers without boundaries for 15 minutes of the day. They were so happy, and silly, and curious and free! (Mathieu will love seeing this...)

And then, eventually, when both girls had found their way to the table top, and the entire bucket of roses had found it's way to the floor, I decided it was a good time to stop. And then we had a sweep-up-the-cat-food party.

IMGP0781b&w IMGP0794b&w IMGP0799b&w IMGP0800b&w IMGP0809b&w IMGP0810b&w

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his favorite kind of snow.

It has been snowing in Québec City since yesterday morning. Heavily at times. And then there are little breaks in the storm and you see the sun trying to peek out... almost.... almost...... but no sooner than those bright yellow rays cast a hue of warmth and joy across the frozen saint lawrence seaway, do the heavy flakes of winter begin to fall again. Mathieu grew up with this constant state of winter from every november to april, and yet he summoned me down to the first floor this morning with complete joy and excitement because he wanted me to see the snow. (Remember: it has been snowing for more than 24 hours now...). "Jenn, hurry up! You have to see this, THIS is my favorite kind of snow!"

So we threw our boots and coats (and camera) on quickly and stepped out onto the quiet, snowy street. And it was indeed magical. And I was reminded again of why I love this man. I find it so incredible that after so many years, he still sees the magic and beauty that surrounds him. He helps remind me and our beautiful girls to do the same. And for that, I think I am a pretty lucky gal.






This second series I shot just after coming back inside, and I just thought the light was so beautiful in front of the door, and then this beautiful moment happened between Mathieu and Joey. And the best part about it was that the magical snow flakes from outside had stuck to my lens, and created this wonderfully magical effect with out me having to change a thing. Love.



photography by Jennifer Marcuson

these are the moments.

I am not perfect. My life is not perfect, in fact it can be pretty ridiculously insane sometimes.  But there are these moments.. these beautiful, real, naturally comfortable, innocent, gorgeous moments that bring me back and remind me what it is really all about. I was just sorting through some pictures I took at my friend's daughter's 3rd birthday. This is a friend who has been in my life since the 5th grade. We spent almost every single day hanging out in our parents' kitchens after school and worked together for over 2 years in a chinese restaurant in high school. I was the maid of honor in her wedding. She and I had our first children only 6 weeks apart, and they are such beautiful friends.

I live in Québec City, and my family lives in Connecticut. Before I moved to Québec, I was in New York City. My friend lives in Massachusetts. Since moving away, I have learned to appreciate home.. and I have realized what truly makes a home. When I am with my family and friend(s), wherever they are, I am home.