these are the moments.

I am not perfect. My life is not perfect, in fact it can be pretty ridiculously insane sometimes.  But there are these moments.. these beautiful, real, naturally comfortable, innocent, gorgeous moments that bring me back and remind me what it is really all about. I was just sorting through some pictures I took at my friend's daughter's 3rd birthday. This is a friend who has been in my life since the 5th grade. We spent almost every single day hanging out in our parents' kitchens after school and worked together for over 2 years in a chinese restaurant in high school. I was the maid of honor in her wedding. She and I had our first children only 6 weeks apart, and they are such beautiful friends.

I live in Québec City, and my family lives in Connecticut. Before I moved to Québec, I was in New York City. My friend lives in Massachusetts. Since moving away, I have learned to appreciate home.. and I have realized what truly makes a home. When I am with my family and friend(s), wherever they are, I am home.