his favorite kind of snow.

It has been snowing in Québec City since yesterday morning. Heavily at times. And then there are little breaks in the storm and you see the sun trying to peek out... almost.... almost...... but no sooner than those bright yellow rays cast a hue of warmth and joy across the frozen saint lawrence seaway, do the heavy flakes of winter begin to fall again. Mathieu grew up with this constant state of winter from every november to april, and yet he summoned me down to the first floor this morning with complete joy and excitement because he wanted me to see the snow. (Remember: it has been snowing for more than 24 hours now...). "Jenn, hurry up! You have to see this, THIS is my favorite kind of snow!"

So we threw our boots and coats (and camera) on quickly and stepped out onto the quiet, snowy street. And it was indeed magical. And I was reminded again of why I love this man. I find it so incredible that after so many years, he still sees the magic and beauty that surrounds him. He helps remind me and our beautiful girls to do the same. And for that, I think I am a pretty lucky gal.






This second series I shot just after coming back inside, and I just thought the light was so beautiful in front of the door, and then this beautiful moment happened between Mathieu and Joey. And the best part about it was that the magical snow flakes from outside had stuck to my lens, and created this wonderfully magical effect with out me having to change a thing. Love.



photography by Jennifer Marcuson