Jamesia // Summer Skin

You just know the moment you meet someone with a sweet and gifted soul. When I met Jamesia for this session, I immediately apologized for the cold weather, and she just laughed and told me she was so happy to be able to spend this time at the beach with me that the cold didn't matter. She was even game to let the waves crash over her while lying in the sand. Can you say dream client?? I feel so honored to have not only met this gorgeous person, but to have been able to share this special experience with her, just the two of us, at sunset, on an empty beach by the sea.

She left me the sweetest thank you card and gift; a beautifully framed picture of a gorgeous mermaid, and when I realized that the gift was in fact for me and not a package she forgot on the beach, I felt my heart grow. To be able to do something to make women, people, feel good about themselves; to feel beautiful and empowered through art truly is the greatest gift.

My heart is full looking back over these images tonight, and I await with patience and excitement the sessions to come this August. 

Thank you again Jamesia for trusting me to capture your gorgeous soul.