Rachael & Jordan // Calais Vermont, Engagement

I spent the evening of my birthday in the most quaint Vermont village called Calais with these two gorgeous people and their adorable french bulldogs, Stella and Evie. Their wedding is coming up in September, and we had originally planned doing their engagement shoot later on in May for a bit more foliage and fleurs, but with me expecting my third baby at the end of the month (9 days from now to be exact!), we decided to make it happen a little earlier.

There is just something about those first spring days in Vermont, especially on an overcast day.. The green of the grass just pops and you stumble across these beautiful little plants pushing up through last years dried leaves with this renewed sense of life. You can smell the earth all around you, the winter is just washing away. There is a slight chill in the air but that spring warmth is breaking through it and it's almost as if you can feel everything beginning again. 

This session was a perfect introduction to Rachael and Jordan and their sweet and gentle complicity. Rachael's family is the sweetest; before leaving her mom gave me a jar of their family made honey and Rachael and Jordan gave me the most delicious birthday cake from a local Montpelier bakery. After the shoot, Rachael dropped me back in Montpelier, where they live and where Mathieu and the girls were waiting for me, and I, although tired, just felt so happy and alive. Being able to immortalize these precious little moments in time for people like this is truly a gift, and I will be forever grateful for every opportunity I have to do so.

Thank you, Rachael and Jordan. I am so looking forward to coming back to this simple, gorgeous place and capturing your big day in September!