a break-fast date.

I just got back from a long weekend in Connecticut and Massachusetts with the girls. We were there for my cousin's wedding, and stayed a few extra days to spend some quality time with family and friends. Mathieu wasn't able to make it as he is so busy with work these days, but we managed to sneak out for a late breakfast this morning after the girls were both in school.. just the two of us. It was indeed fast, but that little break from it all felt good.

It's amazing how between all of the chaos of the daily grind, we can go an entire day without actually stopping, facing each other like this and just being present. It's actually sort of scary when you think about it.. and yet I know all too common amongst relationships, especially of those with little ones in the picture. But it is just soooooo important. You have to check-in once in a while. Even if just over a 30 minute breakfast date.

And, I have to say that he sure makes for a much better view than a computer screen.