trust, faith, and patience.

"what is meant for you will flow to you."

I read this this morning on my instagram feed. It was the very first thing that came up. It came from the incredible Jennifer Kass, #lovepioneer. (If you don't follow her you should. Her words are so motivational and resonate strongly with me.) I read this this morning and immediately said, yes. Thank you. Because it's so true and I really needed that reminder today.

I told myself that in 2015 my photography business is taking a front seat in my life. I am giving it the attention that it needs and deserves. But it can feel scary sometimes, and often I feel the ego stepping in and trying to control it, nervously, backed by fear. And that, I know, doesn't work. 

So, today, I am letting go of fear and letting love in. I am going to continue to work hard from a place of truth and love and passion. I will not let the insecure ego take charge of me and I will listen, truthfully, to myself. If something I am doing doesn't feel right.. I will take a step back and let myself listen to what is trying to get past the ego. "I will pull in trust, faith, and patience."