my magic

I am leaving Québec tomorrow and heading to Brooklyn for work. I will be by myself for almost an entire week. I haven't been to new york since the beginning of May. I miss it, I do. Sometimes I reminisce of my former life there, the energy of the streets, the beautiful Brooklyn brownstones, the people, the magic of it all. I imagine what it might be like if we were to move back there, what it would be like to raise a family there. You see, at one point, that city really had my heart. I wasn't able to imagine myself living anywhere else. But then, I met Mathieu. And then, my children. And now, well, my heart lies with them and I can't imagine my life without them.

So, although I will be working on some very exciting things while away(which I will be sharing with you soon), this next week is going to be hard for me without my family. Because at this point in my life, they are all of the magic I could ever ask for.