paola // baby belly

I was 26 years old when my girlfriend Paola had her first child. A beautiful baby boy. I remember the day like yesterday, my mom and I went to visit her at the hospital together. I was wearing vintage 70's leather heels I had bought just north of houston in NYC, a white tank top, shorts and suspenders. He was so tiny and I was so nervous, I remember feeling so insecure holding this little human being in my arms, like I would break him. But I didn't. I fell in love instantly. He was just beautiful.

And then only a  little over a year later, she had her second child, a chubby little girl. My dear friend Mary and I went to see her at the hospital together. I was wearing a colorful striped wool sweater from the Gap with a pair of BDG jeans and my frye boots, and we were a little more confident this time around holding babies.. her adorable fat cheeks had us mesmerized.

Last month we took the kids to the beach, packed a few pretty dresses and around 6 pm we whipped out the camera and took some incredible photos of this beautiful woman at the end of her third pregnancy. We laughed so hard we cried. The camera almost got devoured by the ocean(a few times). And at one point I actually thought Mathieu was going  have to come in to rescue us.. but we survived and we have the pictures to prove it.

Any day now, my girlfriend Paola will be having her third child. I can not wait to meet this little boy or girl. I wonder what I will be wearing...

a (no longer) secret love.

I am in the midst of packing and cleaning and getting ready to head back south into the states tomorrow morning with the family for a couple of weeks. Before heading to Connecticut, Mathieu and the girls will be dropping me off in Vermont where I will be spending the weekend photographing my very first wedding. AHHHHHHH!!!!! It is safe to say I am sort of freaking out... with excitement and nerves and anticipation! We did a little engagement session about a month ago in Montpelier on our way back north to Québec for Dayna and Scott. It couldn't have been more perfect. We were at this incredible nature reserve picking fiddle heads and tromping through mud and grass fields. I got to know them both a bit better, and am just so excited for them. They are beyond sweet and gentle and visibly in love. I mean, I have butterflies in my belly right now just thinking about their beautiful love story! And also, well, when I photographed them last month in Vermont, I learned a little secret.. But I was just given the go ahead by Dayna and Scott to share, so I will let the pictures speak for themselves.....

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Congratulations to you both. I am wishing you many many mannnyyy years of joy, laughter, the sounds of pitter-pattering baby feet, and love love love. xoxoxo