visceral summer (the mermaid session)

The days are longer now; light is all around us. Let it in, let it warm your soul and feed your heart, and revive you. 

Spend time in the ocean. In the lake. Connect with the waters that are too cold to let us in in the winter. Get sand in your hair and in your bed. DANCE. SWEAT. LOVE. 

Let you skin get darker and your hair get lighter. Take a walk through the green woods and listen to the sounds of the birds singing. SING with them. 

Sit outside at in a quiet, dark place and watch the fireflies light up the night sky.

And when you're doing a shoot on a beach on Sunday morning in front of hundreds of people, dance like no one is watching.

Don't hide from it, embrace it; all of it. This is the season of light and energy. This is your summer vacation. Every moment of it.

full post on Visceral Dance Co. coming soon!


mommy love.

So I have been wanting to get the ball re-rolling on my blog, but was sort of waiting for the re-launch of my website. Unfortunately I have run into some icky technical issues that I have yet to resolve with that(I am not a super techy gal), but I just HAD to post this session. These images are so full of love it's crazy. I actually get all warm and teary eyed when looking at them. We have all heard it before, but there is something to be said for a mother's love. The gooey, messy, silly, unconditional love of a mother is what makes the world go round, and just melts my heart.

I can't even begin to express how grateful I am that I was lucky enough to photograph these three on the beach last week. The love and laughter that they share with one another is incredible and I hope that these images will always bring them back to this time in their lives.

2013-11-20_0001 2013-11-20_0002 2013-11-20_0003 2013-11-20_0004 2013-11-20_0005 2013-11-20_0006 2013-11-20_0007 2013-11-20_0008 2013-11-20_0009 2013-11-20_0010 2013-11-20_0011 2013-11-20_0012 2013-11-20_0013 2013-11-20_0014 2013-11-20_0015 2013-11-20_0016 2013-11-20_0017 2013-11-20_0018 2013-11-20_0019 2013-11-20_0021 2013-11-20_0022 2013-11-20_0023 2013-11-20_0024

Kristina, may you and your boys always be as silly, crazy, and loving as you were this day. Thank you for sharing this time with me.

xo Jennifer