Bienvenue au Monde Béatrice!

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited into this beautiful family's home to capture some of the early moments of their third child and only daughter, Béatrice's life as the 5th member of the family! Safe to say, as always, they stole a little piece of my heart while I was there. They were so much fun to photograph! Elyse was so relaxed and collected as her husband Alexandre ran around with the two boys Léonard and Hubert. It was all so natural and I really was able to get a sense for who they are as individuals and as a family. 

These are the kinds of sessions that keep me passionate and grateful for having photography in my life. These are real memories frozen in time and I am always so honored to be chosen to give these gifts to people. 

Merci tellement Elyse, Alex, Léo, Hubert, et la petite Béatrice d'avoir m'invité chez vous. Cette journée était autant un cadeau pour moi que pour vous.. xoxoxo

bonjour charlotte.

You won't remember this, but I will.. your sweet baby smell, your soft breath on my face, your tiny little fingers wrapped around mine. When life feels like it's spinning out of control and you start walking.. or driving.. or even walking down the aisle someday, I will close my eyes, and remember us. just. like. this. ❤️

mommy love.

Going through images for a journal submission, and I stumbled across these gorgeous shots of my sister-in-law and my incredible nephew. How I missed them in the first place, I have no idea.

The love here is so strong, so present. Mommy love is immediate, unconditional, and indestructible. What would the world be without mommy love?


I am playing catch up on my blogging tonight, as I sort through images to use in my galleries on my website. (I know, I said that it was ALMOST ready before the holidays! It's coming. Promise. I haven't given up…) This new born lifestyle shoot was not just with any baby. This is Samuel. This is my nephew. He might possibly be the most beautiful baby boy I have ever known. I have been away from Connecticut for two months and upon arrival at my parents, I was greeted with a recent photo of him on the refrigerator. Oh my, how he has grown! I can't believe how much these little loves change in those first few months. Those first few years.

I showed up at my brother and sister in-law's home one afternoon last November with a couple of cameras and a whole lot of time. Samuel was is no mood to be put down and posed, so I just followed Marisa around as she rocked him, and sang to him, and changed his pee-pee diapers. He cried, and Marisa tried to figure out what he needed. Hungry? Tired? Gassy? It all came back to me so quickly, those feelings of becoming a mom. When you have read every book on every subject, but still, nothing can compare to just taking that time to get to know him. Because he is the only one like him. He is yours, not you sister's or you cousin's or you best friend's. The author of 'what to expect' had never met him when she wrote that book. He is the only him. And he is yours. Wow. So I did all I could do, and I smiled as an intense feeling of gratitude overcame me while I watched this beautiful moment unfold before me.. A brand-new Mommy and her brand-new son getting to know each other a little better.

I can NOT wait to see this little love bug while I'm here.

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