Michelle & Gaston // Engagement, Quebec City

Last Friday morning I was sitting at home working and I got a text from my girlfriend and fellow photographer and event planner, Melanie. 

"Jenn tu serais dispo pour me remplacer pour une séance à 4:30 aujourd'hui avec une couple de Miami? On est malade.. La famille au complet... "

She, her financé and the kids all had come down with a terrible flu/stomach bug and she wasn't going to be able to make a shoot she had scheduled with a couple visiting from Miami! They were only here for two days, and had just gotten engaged while here! I live 3 minutes from the Chateau Frontenac, where they were staying and so of course I said I could do it for her. And I am so glad I did.. Michelle and Gaston were soooo much fun to shoot! Super laid back and hilarious.. Gaston even helped pull me out of the snowbank when I fell thigh deep into it while shooting them up on Terrace Dufferin that overlooks the promenade and Saint Lawrence. We all had a good laugh, thankfully my cameras were ok! 

We walked around Old Québec for an hour, and made it back to the hotel just in time.. because it started POURING as soon as I walked back out to get to my car! I just love when things work out like that.. sweet serendipity.

Congratulations Michelle and Gaston! Wishing you both much love and joy in the years to come..