lisa + michael // maternity

I spent a warm, early March morning in Connecticut with Lisa and Michael, capturing some of their last moments as just a couple with puppy as they await the arrival of the newest member of their family. I couldn't be any more of an advocate of home maternity sessions.. so much changes after having a child. Often we outgrow our first homes, as is the case for Lisa and Michael, and move on. To know that they will always have a collection of memories of these days, these walls, and this line of pines along the property of their condominium grounds.. that one day they will be able to show their little one these photos and explain to him or her that this was their first home, where they spent the first days/weeks/months of their lives together. THIS is what photography is for, and this is why I will never stop taking pictures for people.

Thank you, Lisa and Michael, for inviting me into your home to capture this moment in time for you. And thank you, Nicole, for gifting your cousin such a wonderful souvenir.