and the winner is....

well here we go..... ((((holy nerves!!!!!))))

I spent most of my afternoon yesterday as well as this entire morning counting, re-counting, deleting double(or triple) votes, checking and re-checking ALL platforms I used for the Giveaway voting, and I finally have a winner. 

This was close. I mean, SUPER CLOSE.. At one point during the counting I really had no idea who was going to take it home. Some couples were stronger on different platforms, and the underdog heart in me sort of wants to just give it to all three! I do not doubt for one second that all of you are completely deserving of this gift. 

I am so sooooo grateful for all of you beautiful people for taking a chance on me and believing in my work enough to want me to capture your special day for you! And for that, I have a special offer for the two couples who came in just behind... so PLEASE keep an eye on your inboxes for an email from me! 

And thank you to ALL of you who reached out to support this giveaway by voting!!! You are all awesome:)

ok.. enough is enough.. the WINNER of the Wedding Photography Giveaway is..... 

JAMIE AND STEVE!!! (and Mocha) 

Congratulations to you both and I can't wait to celebrate this day with you!