Marie-Jeanne et Sam (et la bedaine!)

I'm writing this in English, even though this was a fully Québecois session, because I don't think I could give this evening justice in my second language. Where to even begin?

Marie-Jeanne and Sam had told me that they really wanted to have photos taken of them on his family's Québec 'camp' in the woods about a half of an hour outside of the city on the south shore. They offered to come pick me up because it would be too hard for me to find on my own, and I gladly accepted the lift. They told me that they really aren't posey photoshoot type people. I clearly said 'PERFECT!', because if you know any of my work, neither am I. They just wanted to walk around in the woods on the family property and grab a few shots, they said. What was supposed to be an hour turned into a two-hour wild woodsy adventure that ended in complete belly laughter and tears(I'm talking pee-in-pants material).

Marie-Jeanne and Sam are two of the sweetest, gentlest, and silliest people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Their childish and wide-eyed sense of humor and perspective on life is contagious and in my eyes a good example of what we all should strive to have a little more of in life: FUN!

Merci merci merci à vous deux d'avoir me choisi d'être votre photographe pour ce beau moment dans vos vies... Vous êtes beaux, drôle, et plein d'amour et votre bébé est déjà chanceux de vous avoir comme parents.