Gardner Anniversary Party

I had the pleasurable surprise of photographing this sweet couple and their family at their 40th wedding anniversary party in early August in Connecticut. It was a very last minute arrangement that just happened to work out.. (I love when that happens!) The night we were driving down from quebec, one of their three daughters had gotten in touch with a friend of a friend of mine looking for a photographer for the very next day. Well, all of the stars aligned and I was able to work it out! I was only able to be there for an hour and a half, but even in just that short time, I got such a great feel for the family. They were so welcoming, offering food and drink.. showing me around and introducing me to all of their guests. I actually had a hard time turning off my camera to go, as I could tell the party was only going to get better, with a giant jump house and slip and slide...
Ironically, my brother was the chef who catered the event, and I had no idea until I arrived to shoot and saw the owner of his restaurant carrying in the trays of food! If you have never been to Matthew's restaurant in Unionville, Connecticut.. GO. He is soooooo talented. I was practically drooling the entire time I was there!
All in all, it was a beautiful gathering. Good food, good friends, family and giant, blow-up slip and slides... what more could you ask for on your 40th wedding anniversary? May I be so lucky to be able to celebrate mine like this some day.