"procrastination is the thief of time."

As many of you who are reading this might have noticed, I just recently re-launched my website.

Moment of truth: I purchased my new site over a year ago now. I had been working on it regularly over the last 12 months, but every time the time to launch seemed near, I would find a reason why it wasn't ready yet. My galleries weren't representative enough of me as an artist, my logo wasn't polished enough, I wasn't sure if the mapping was efficient enough. (I was actually really really scared to put myself out there as a photographer)..

And then, I got my annual bill to renew my site. 192.00 USD. And I hadn't even launched the f@*#ing thing. Awesome. So I paid my bill and gave myself a one day deadline. I sat down for a few hours that morning and I cleaned it up as well as I felt I could... and I launched it.

Is it perfect? No. I mean, what is? I realized I had been sitting around waiting for this thing to be the perfect representation of me and my work, but the truth is, there is no such thing. Perfection doesn't exist.. but honesty does. I am NOT perfect. BUT I am, in each moment of every single day, the most honest version of myself I can be. And I am always changing. What I am tomorrow won't be the same exact thing I was yesterday because I am growing. And learning. And I will share it with you. And that is enough.

So I took my procrastinating ways and I told them to piss off. And I said to hell with my imperfect logo, it's good enough. And I launched it.

And it feels pretty damn good.


"Procrastination is the thief of time. " -Edward Young