baby belly beauty

I recently had the honor of styling and photographing a beautiful friend of mine, Lana, who is 8 months pregnant, and the envy of all pregnant women.. I mean, she is just gorgeous, and this early fall morning lent the perfect backdrop for this shoot.

This was so special to me because I have previously been the subject of two maternity sessions shot by the very talented Tim Brown at TAB Photographic, and those images are so important to me. I recognize first hand the significance of these images, and although I have styled hair makeup and wardrobe for numerous shoots, this was the first time I was really behind the camera myself. I have to say though, nerves aside, it was such a beautiful, energizing experience. I am so grateful for my friend's faith in me and my eye, and for giving me the courage to take the images I had in my head and to put them into fruition.. I could not have asked for a better subject.