for all the perfect little details and the gentle moments in between the chaos.


You roll over and open your eyes, slowly, one first and then the other. Is today really the day? Has all of these months of planning, excitement, and anticipation finally materialized? Is this really, finally happening; the beginning of the rest of your lives together?

You sit up and slowly glide your legs over the side of the bed, toes touching the hard wood floor of the gorgeous, old bed and breakfast where you spent the last night before your wedding. Bzz. Your phone vibrates on the antique, wooden side table, gently shaking the glass vase next to it and you see a text from your sweetheart. 'Today's the day. I love you and I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together.' 

And just like that, it's time.

French press coffee.

Florals all over the dining room table. 

Your people and mimosas.

Hair, makeup, and jazz playing in the background.

Your grandmother's pearls and you mom's sapphire earrings in a little box waiting for you.

I will be there for all of it, so you never ever forget. So your kids will know your story one day.

These are the details I want you to remember from what will be one of the most beautiful, wild, crazy days of your lives.

I want to come to your home or where ever it is you are getting ready, and spend the morning with you and your bridal party. I want to capture Mom helping you get into your dress, and the look on dad’s face when he sees you for the very first time. I want to capture the guys laughing over a bourbon and a game of pool as the minutes are ticking away before the time comes for you to meet at the end of the aisle and say your ‘I dos’. I want to see the details; the love note you wrote to one another to open before the ceremony, your grandmother’s necklace that you so proudly wear to remember her and honor her. I promise to capture the tears and the laughter. I want you to be able to see and remember the look on your faces as you promise to commit yourselves to each other, to your future, to your family. I want to capture the imperfections that will remind you of all you have been through together; the wrinkles on his hands and the creases around her eyes when she smiles.

I want to tell your story as it unfolds before me.

I want you to look back over these images for years to come with a smile, and simply say. Yes. That was our day. That is us. I remember.

I photograph a very limited number of weddings every year (5) because it is really important for me to be able to uniquely connect with my couples in a way that I simply could not do if I photographed a wedding every weekend. So if this sounds like you, and what you imagine looking back on for years to come...

" Unlike other wedding photographers we've seen that seem to force entry into your ceremony space or bark orders at a silly bridesmaid, Jennifer was subtle, kind, patient, and her suggestions were made with a certain excitement that never felt inconvenient, more like an invitation to a secret adventure. " 
- Jamie + Steve. Montpelier, VT
"When we first met Jennifer at our local coffee shop, we both felt an instant connection with her... it was like we had been friends our whole lives."
- Angela + Sarah. Branford, CT